Salmon FIP Partnership

A collaborative industry-based initiative of Ocean Outcomes and leading seafood companies across the Pacific Rim, the Salmon FIP Partnership was originally launched by Wild Salmon Center and High Liner Foods in 2013 with the goal of increasing the volume of sustainable or improving wild capture salmon to 75% of global production. Currently about half of global production is certified as sustainable according to a credible, third-party standard and/or on an active improvement pathway.

This pan-Pacific partnership is stewarding a number of regional Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) to address serious sustainability challenges, including overfishing, poaching, bycatch and hatchery impacts.  Asian salmon fisheries in Russia and Japan are key initial targets, since these regions collectively produce more than half of the planet’s wild capture salmon and have significant improvement opportunities. Over the last several years, with significant technical support from partnership members, approximately 27% of Asian salmon fisheries have become MSC certified, entered full MSC assessment or joined a credible Fishery Improvement Project (FIP). To achieve the 75% goal, the level of fishery engagement in the region will need to be tripled.

Guiding Principles

We agree to collectively:

  1. Support a model of continuous improvement in wild salmon fisheries globally.

  2. Engage our supply chain in discussion and actions around such continuous improvement.

  3. Publicly state our goals for supporting sustainable salmon fisheries globally and monitor and measure our progress towards our goal.

  4. Financially contribute to continuous improvement of those fisheries.

  5. Engage in and support policy and management reform that leads to continuous improvement in wild salmon fisheries.

Regional Salmon FIPs

The Salmon FIP Partnership has announced two new regional salmon FIPs: Sakhalin Island and Kamchatka. These new FIPs are expected to help individual fisheries in these regions accelerate their efforts to meet the sustainable sourcing requirements of major seafood markets.

Contact: Brian Caouette, Founder and Director of Progams, Ocean Outcomes