The Salmon FIP Tracker is no longer actively maintained, but past fishery data is still available. Please visit our website for an active list of Ocean Outcomes' fishery projects.


The Sakinaw Lake sockeye salmon stock is depleted but caught in the Fraser River fishery.

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The objective is to estimate exploitation rates on the stock to better understand fishery impacts and determine if management measures have successfully reduced harvest on Sakinaw sockeye. The run timing assumptions used to obtain the exploitation rate estimates will be reviewed as well.


Estimated exploitation rates on Sakinaw Lake sockeye were less than 1% from 2007 to 2009, when the Fraser sockeye commercial fisheries were closed. Harvest rates from years when the fishery operated (2010, 2011) were requested and provided at the second surveillance audit. However, the assessment team had concerns about the 2010 estimate because it was based on limited data that did not span the full run timing period for the stock. Thus DFO provided a document with exploitation rates for 2010 and 2011 that were estimated using the historical average run-timing for Sakinaw. These estimates were deemed sufficient for closing this condition.

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Closed at third surveillance audit, Oct 7-11, 2013
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