The Salmon FIP Tracker is no longer actively maintained, but past fishery data is still available. Please visit our website for an active list of Ocean Outcomes' fishery projects.


There are two objectives for this condition. 

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The first is to obtain reasonable, reliable, and defensible estimates of harvest of white sturgeon and steelhead, as no credible estimates were provided during the assessment. Catch monitoring programs will be improved to provide more accurate and fishery-independent data, and the obtained catch estimates will be used to assess fishery impacts on these species. Specifically, DFO plans to develop a two-year monitoring program, based on censuses or observers. The second objective is to identify and understand hatchery impacts on Sakinaw sockeye, both in terms of how supplementation may assist stock recovery and how hatchery-origin fish may affect natural spawning in the wild.                           


There was no evidence that catch monitoring programs have been improved. DFO submitted a two page memorandum summarizing sturgeon and steelhead catch estimates for sockeye-directed fisheries in the Fraser River for 2010 and 2011, but the estimates were based solely on voluntary reports from fishers. To close this condition, DFO needs to implement a rigorous catch monitoring program that will provide scientifically defensible estimates of bycatch rates for sturgeon and steelhead.

Regarding the second objective, fishery exploitation rates on Sakinaw sockeye were estimated for 2010 and 2011. The audit team considered these estimates adequate for addressing concerns regarding fishery impacts on this depleted stock, even though no information was provided on hatchery impacts specifically.

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Behind schedule
May 2012 (due at second surveillance audit)