The Salmon FIP Tracker is no longer actively maintained, but past fishery data is still available. Please visit our website for an active list of Ocean Outcomes' fishery projects.


The objective is to develop and provide a research plan that addresses concerns that have been identified for this fishery, including fishery impacts on the ecosystem (with an emphasis on non-target stocks) and anticipated changes to the fishery.

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The plan should take socioeconomic factors affected by the management program into consideration. DFO will identify ecosystem and socioeconomic research objectives as part of the Wild Salmon Policy (WSP) and development of a Resource Assessment Framework (RAF) for Fraser sockeye. RAFs guide assessment priorities based on knowledge gaps and the biological status of each conservation unit.


DFO provided some documentation of a Stock Assessment Framework (SAF) process that considers management needs, available information, risk assessment, and priorities for resource allocation, and provides strategies for addressing information gaps. The SAF process is still incomplete and lacks commitments from scientists and managers, synthesis documents for stakeholders, and funding arrangements. Nevertheless, the SAF process was considered adequate for closing this condition. 

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Closed at third surveillance audit, Oct 7-11, 2013