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The objective is to consult First Nations regarding aboriginal and treaty rights and address any issues identified during the consultation process.

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Several of the First Nations that harvest Fraser sockeye expressed that the management system has not adequately addressed their legal priority rights for food, social, and ceremonial (FSC) fisheries. In additon, Chief Kelly of the Stó:lō Nation stated disagreement with the management approach for protecting Cultus and Sakinaw Lake sockeye. DFO will provide a report summarizing how the management system addresses issues regarding aboriginal and treaty rights for the sockeye fisheries.


DFO submitted a document describing their commitment to “compliance with all legal and most of the customary rights of First Nation peoples that are impacted by the fishery.” The goal is to manage fisheries so that, after conservation needs are met, First Nations’ FSC needs will have first priority in salmon allocation. Opportunities for involvement in the management and planning of the fishery will be provided through bilateral, sub-regional, and regional consultation processes. These processes will include opportunities for sharing technical information. Although the condition has been closed, it remains to be seen if the First Nations themselves agree that the objective has been achieved.

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Closed at the first surveillance audit May 9-13, 2011