The Salmon FIP Tracker is no longer actively maintained, but past fishery data is still available. Please visit our website for an active list of Ocean Outcomes' fishery projects.

2011 Assessment

June, 2011

The 2011 MSC Public Certification Report identified three issues in the assessment that required special attention:

  1. Information for supporting the harvest strategy – To improve harvest strategies, fishery harvests for specific stock components (local, non-local, hatchery, wild) should be estimated.
  2. Hatchery impacts – The Tamgas Hatchery weir prevents access to spawning habitat for coho and sockeye, and hatchery impacts on wild populations have not been fully evaluated.
  3. Management system – The system lacks a formal consultation process for interested parties outside of local management.

The assessment team identified 22 conditions (fishery improvement targets) for continued certification of the fishery, raised against 14 performance indicators.

No results. Please refer to Action Plan PDF for all action items.

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