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2013 Assessment

November, 2013

The 2013 MSC Public Certification Report identified one issue in the Chignik fishery that required special attention:

  1. Fishery reference points – Limit and target reference points need to be set for the wild coho stock, to improve harvest guidelines and assessment of stock status.

An Action Plan and timeline to address this issue was developed by PSVOA with assistance from ADF&G. The plan was approved by the assessment team prior to release of the Public Certification Report.

Condition 6: Set limit and target reference points for the wild coho stock.

Limit and target reference points (LRPs and TRPs) are useful for assessing stock status and setting harvest guidelines, but they have not been set for the Chignik wild coho stock. 

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According to the assessment team, coho salmon escapements to the Chignik Lake system are monitored at a weir from the beginning of the run in early August through early September, which is prior to the mid-point of the run. To meet this condition, PSVOA will consult with ADF&G and collect harvest and escapement data for Chignik coho during recent years when fishing took place. They will then set LRPs and TRPs for the wild coho stock.



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