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Karaginsky Bay

Last Update: 4/1/2016
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Sustainability Progress
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Volume taken from KamchatNIRO report, catches for all species averaged over 2004 to 2012. Catches are lower in even years due to dominance of odd-year pink salmon.

The Karaginsky Bay salmon fishery is located on the northeastern coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia. The pre-assessment includes pink, chum, sockeye, and coho salmon caught along Karaginsky Bay between the Uka and Vyvenka rivers. The area is fished with coastal trap nets by the clients and other fishing companies from July to September.

KamchatNIRO sets overall fishing quotas for each species, and manages the fishery using the “Olympic” system, where fishers compete with each other for catches within the quotas. Catches have generally been stable or increasing in recent years, but escapement goals are currently lacking. There are no hatcheries on the rivers under assessment. Potential issues in this fishery will be more fully identified during the pre-assessment.


Vostochnyi Bereg LLC (fishery client), Kolkhoz Imeni Bekereva JSC (potential certificate sharing company), Koryakmore Product LLC (potential certificate sharing company), Vyvenskoye LLC (potential certificate sharing company), Kamchatka Resources LLC (potential certificate sharing company), Ocean Outcomes (FIP implementer), KamchatNIRO, VNIRO, SevvostRybVod, WWF Russia, Wild Salmon Center, Kamchatka Fish Fund, Association of Koryak Region Coastal Fisheries (APPK), Kamchatka Fisheries Union (SRPK), Association of Northern Indigenous Peoples (KMNS)

April, 2016

The Karaginsky Bay fishery met a significant milestone with the completion of a stock assessment report by KamchatNIRO that set, for the first time, wild spawner escapement goals for the region (without which the fishery could not be assessed against the MSC standard). Moreover, producers in the region have built a brand new IQF (individually quick frozen) processing factory and cold storage facility for up to 3,000 mt. O2 met with the clients on April 1st, discussed new developments based on the KamchatNIRO report which addresses previous information gaps in the escapement goals data.

August, 2015

Discussions with Vostochnyi Bereg are continuing regarding the Karaginsky Bay workplan. Ocean Outcomes staff most recently met with Nikolai Batischev, the General Director of the fishery, on August 13.

February, 2015

Ocean Outcomes completed a pre-assessment and developed a draft workplan for the Karaginsky Bay fishery in December 2014. The workplan is currently being reviewed by the fishery client, and the pre-assessment will be made available after the client agrees to make it public.

September, 2014

The fishery client signed an agreement with Wild Salmon Center in July 2014 to undergo a pre-assessment. Information gathering and drafting of the pre-assessment report are currently underway.

Vostochnyi Bereg
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