The Salmon FIP Tracker is no longer actively maintained, but past fishery data is still available. Please visit our website for an active list of Ocean Outcomes' fishery projects.

FIP In Development

April 2016 Update

April, 2016

The Karaginsky Bay fishery met a significant milestone with the completion of a stock assessment report by KamchatNIRO that set, for the first time, wild spawner escapement goals for the region (without which the fishery could not be assessed against the MSC standard). Moreover, producers in the region have built a brand new IQF (individually quick frozen) processing factory and cold storage facility for up to 3,000 mt. O2 met with the clients on April 1st, discussed new developments based on the KamchatNIRO report which addresses previous information gaps in the escapement goals data. The clients are now expecting an updated workplan from O2 to continue discussing and developing a new 2016 FIP-to-MSC contract.