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2013 Assessment

November, 2013

The 2013 MSC Public Certification Report identified one issue in the Kodiak fishery that required special attention:

  1. Hatchery impacts on wild stocks – There is concern that abundant hatchery pink and chum salmon and less abundant hatchery Chinook and coho salmon are straying into wild spawning streams and having negative effects on wild salmon.

An Action Plan and timeline to address this issue was developed by PSVOA with assistance from ADF&G. The plan was approved by the assessment team prior to release of the Public Certification Report.

Condition 5: Evaluate potential hatchery impacts on wild salmon in Kodiak.

There are concerns that, at current levels of hatchery releases, hatchery fish are straying into wild spawning streams.

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Hatchery fish may have negative impacts on wild stocks, competing for resources and potentially affecting local genetic diversity. To satisfy this condition, PSVOA will monitor and review plans by the Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association and ADF&G for estimating hatchery straying rates in pink and chum. The plans will involve marking fish and sampling them in watersheds with high risks of straying, as well as commercial fishing areas where wild and hatchery fish are likely to mix. For Chinook and coho salmon, PSVOA will conduct a risk analysis to evaluate whether releases contribute significant proportions of hatchery fish to the spawning grounds. The analysis should be capable of determining risks to wild stock productivity if hatchery releases expand significantly in the future.



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