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Narody Severa - Bolsheretsk

Last Update: 8/1/2015
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Volume data of 10,000 metric tons represents average total catch from 2005 to 2014 by the two fisheries in the MSC process – Bolsheretsk, Ltd. and Narody Severa, Ltd.  

The Narody Severa-Bolsheretsk salmon fishery underwent a MSC pre-assessment in October 2011 and officially entered a full assessment in May 2013. However, the fishery was withdrawn from the MSC assessment process in August 2015. The fishery did not achieve certification during an extended period authorized by an MSC variation, so has exceeded the allowable time for completing assessment. In addition, the Clients have not made sufficient progress on the FIP Action Plan items and timelines that they had agreed to, and have not indicated whether they intend to continue working on them this season. The fishery is located on the western coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and includes three river systems (Bolshaya, Kikhchik and Opala), each considered a certification unit. Certification is sought for pink salmon in the Bolshaya River, and for pink, chum, sockeye, and coho salmon in the Kikhchik and Opala rivers. The area is fished with coastal trap nets and beach seines by the clients (Narody Severa and Bolsheretsk) and 14 other fishing companies from July to September. Chinook salmon are present as well, but their numbers have been sufficiently low to prompt a commercial harvest ban starting in 2010. The fishing companies process and freeze their catches, which are mostly sold domestically.

The fishery is managed for optimum escapement levels, which generally prevents over-fishing. However, poaching is a major problem in the fishery that is especially widespread on the Bolshaya River. Recent management reforms have increased incentives to protect fishery resources by allocating fishing parcels to specific users for 20 years, but documented reductions of illegal harvest have not been made available. In general, data on fishery removals, spawning escapements and escapement goals are incomplete or have not been provided, making it difficult to estimate exploitation rates and assess stock status. The fishery also lacks catch information on retained, bycatch, and endangered, threatened, or protected (ETP) species. In particular, Kamchatka steelhead/rainbow trout is an ETP species that may be caught by the commercial fishery. Increased data access and implementation of effective monitoring and enforcement plans will be critical for achieving fishery certification.


Narody-Severa and Bolsheretsk (fishery clients), Ocean Outcomes (FIP implementer),  KamchatNIRO, VNIRO, SevvostRybVod, Ust-Bolsheretsky Watershed Salmon Council, WWF Russia, Wild Salmon Center, Kamchatka Fish Fund

August, 2015

The Narody Severa-Bolsheretsk salmon fishery has been withdrawn from the MSC process. More information can be found here. Further, the Client is no longer working with Ocean Outcomes on any FIP related activities.

July, 2015

The Public Comment Draft Report for this fishery has not yet been released as of July 2015. The Clients obtained fishery data from KamchatNIRO and provided them to the assessment team last fall. However, the Clients have still not provided a client action plan to address proposed MSC conditions outlined by the MSC assessment team.

February, 2015

The Public Comment Draft Report for this fishery has not yet been released as of Februarry 2015. The Clients obtained fishery data from KamchatNIRO and provided them to the assessment team, and their progress in completing these tasks is shown in the workplan updates below. However, the client action plan to address proposed MSC conditions is still in development.

October, 2014

The Public Comment Draft Report for this fishery has not yet been released as of October 2014. The Clients have requested additional data from the Russian fishery management agency, KamchatNIRO, needed to complete the assessment. Independent observers conducted fishery monitoring activities during the 2014 fishing season.

March, 2014

The fishery officially entered a full MSC assessment in May 2013, and a site visit was conducted October 26-30, 2013. According to the MSC timeline, the Public Comment Draft Report (PCDR) is scheduled to be released in April 2014. However, there was a delay in getting information to the MRAG assessment team. The team has now received the information and is working on the Client Draft Report. As a result, the PCDR will likely be available for stakeholder review in May or June 2014.

October, 2011

The 2011 MSC Pre-assessment identified issues within the three MSC principles that required special attention:

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