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2008 Pre-assessment

December, 2008

A pre-assessment of the Sakhalin Island salmon fishery was completed in December 2008. It evaluated salmon fisheries in both NE Sakhalin and Aniva Bay and identified several issues that required special attention:

  1. Depleted stocks – The early run of pink salmon, also known as Sea of Japan pink salmon, and wild chum salmon show signs of depletion. Thus overexploitation of these depleted stocks should be avoided.
  2. Illegal fishing – Poaching is common on Sakhalin Island, with higher occurrences in southern areas (Aniva Bay) than in northern Sakhalin.

The assessment team rated 30 MSC performance indicators for this fishery, with 6 rated as likely to pass, 12 likely to pass with conditions, and 12 likely to fail.

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