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2010 Pre-assessment

October, 2010

The 2010 MSC Pre-assessment identified several issues that required special attention:

  1. Fishery reference points – The reference points used to determine target harvest rates are based on the inferred relationship between the numbers of spawning fish and numbers of fishery recruits, but more information on the statistical analyses used to derive these points is needed to confirm that they are appropriate for the stock.
  2. Harvest strategy performance – The Ozernaya fishery operates as an Olympic system, where a single quota is allocated for all leaseholders in a specific area. Olympic systems are relatively untested and encourage competition among fishing companies.
  3. Information for supporting the harvest strategy – Catch estimates for all sources of fishing mortality need to be quantified to improve the harvest strategy.

The assessment team rated 31 MSC performance indicators for this fishery, with 11 rated as likely to pass, 19 likely to pass with conditions, and 1 likely to fail.

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