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Western Kamchatka

Last Update: 5/1/2016
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Volume taken from KamchatNIRO report, catches for all species averaged over 2004 to 2012. Ozernaya sockeye were not included.

The Vityaz-Avto and Delta West Kamchatka salmon fisheries entered the full MSC assessment process in March 2015. The fishery is located on the western coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia and includes pink, and chum salmon returning to the Vorovskaya, Kol, Opala, Golygina, Koshegochek, and Ozernaya rivers, as well as coho salmon to the Kol River (Ozernaya sockeye are already MSC certified). Chinook salmon are present as well, but their numbers have been low enough to prompt a commercial harvest ban starting in 2010. The area is fished with coastal trap nets and beach seines by the clients and other fishing companies from July to September.

The fishery is managed for region-wide escapement goals, and catches have been high in recent years. However, escapements for some species have been decreasing, and there is particular concern about the population status of odd-year pink salmon and chum salmon. There are no hatcheries on the rivers under assessment. Kamchatka steelhead/rainbow trout is an ETP species that occurs in the area, but there is little information on how many steelhead are caught by the commercial fishery. Potential issues in this fishery will be more fully identified during the MSC assessment.

FIP Participants:

Vityaz-Avto and Delta (fishery clients), Ocean Outcomes (FIP implementer), KamchatNIRO, VNIRO, SevvostRybVod, Ust-Bolsheretsky Watershed Salmon Council, WWF Russia, Wild Salmon Center, Kamchatka Fish Fund

May, 2016

Ocean Outcomes met with the fishery clients, the MRAG assessment team and WWF representatives in Kamchatka during March to review recent information provided for the MSC assessment of the West Kamchatka salmon fishery. Based on the information provided, all but one of the FIP work plan goals were considered “completed”. More information was needed to complete the remaining goal and the timeline was extended to allow time to get the information. The MRAG team indicated that their preliminary determination was that the fishery should be certified with six conditions.

April, 2016

The West Kamchatka salmon fishery is entering the homestretch of the MSC certification process. According to the CAB, the MSC assessment should be completed by July (assuming no unforeseen hiccups). We are helping the fishery draft the Client Action Plan to address proposed conditions for certification and prepare for a CoC assessment of four additional processing facilities, which would bring the total number of certified facilities to five on the west coast of Kamchatka.

August, 2015

Ocean Outcomes and WWF staff visited the Ozernaya, Koshegochek, Golygina and Opala Rivers August 9-11 to visit fishing and processing sites, monitor catch tracking systems, and work with independent observers. The Clients have completed a formal agreement with KamchatNIRO to obtain the information needed for the MSC assessment. In addition, they have implemented a catch tracking system to prevent illegal product from entering their supply chain. Independent observers were on the Ozernaya River to monitor fishery compliance and collect biological data needed for the assessment.

April, 2015

Ocean Outcomes conducted a pre-assessment of the Vityaz-Avto and Delta West Kamchatka fisheries in 2014 based on MSC performance indicators. The pre-assessment identified issues within the three MSC principles that required special attention:

April, 2015

The Clients formally agreed to the actions and timelines outlined in the FIP work plan and are working to gather necessary information. The MSC Assessment team has scheduled a site visit in Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky on April 22 and 23, 2015. Stakeholders are encouraged to provide relevant information on the fishery either during the meeting or in writing.

March, 2015

The Vityaz-Avto and Delta West Kamchatka salmon fisheries entered the full MSC assessment process in March 2015. View the press release on the Marine Stewardship Council website.

February, 2015

Ocean Outcomes completed a pre-assessment and developed a draft workplan for the West Kamchatka fisheries in December 2014. The workplan is currently being reviewed by the fishery client, and the pre-assessment will be made available after the client agrees to make it public.

September, 2014

The fishery signed an agreement with Wild Salmon Center (WSC) in June 2014 to undergo a pre-assessment. Information gathering and drafting of the pre-assessment report are currently underway.

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Vityaz-Avto and Delta
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