For those of us in developed countries who buy our seafood in markets, we aren’t closely connected to small-scale fisheries. But, this doesn’t preclude us from supporting a more sustainable industry. 

You can support the sustainable seafood initiative in two ways:

  1. Support the sustainable seafood movement with your purchasing power. That may mean buying certified sustainable Seafood or buying local. The Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Guide, which provides you with a simple rating system and clear options to buy or avoid. They even have guides specific to seafood types and sources (eg. West, East, ect.)

Support the work of the NGOs that are dedicated to solving challenges of small-scale fisheries. You can donate, volunteer, or promote the nonprofits leading the charge. See a list of the NGOs working on the new FIPs solution below.   

The organizations working specifically on the new FIP model include:

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